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Tis The Season To Be Merry

Just as Thanksgiving wraps up and I reconcile myself to the start of the cold season, the sight of lights going up on my neighbor’s roof cheers me up. I watch as other homes follow suit. One Saturday morning, I go downstairs to the basement where my stash of seasonal décor sits and pull out […]

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Christmas, holidays, Musings, Tradition

Feeling A Lot Like Christmas

I stand at my kitchen island, an array of things spread in front of me. I work my way methodically. Greeting card first, a thoughtful note inside, a gift card taped to one side, a pashmina shawl folded to fit into a small organza bag, a tiny candy sampler. I knot and tie each back, […]

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Christmas, Musings

Wishlist For Santa

I trudge wearily upstairs, a measuring cup with 2 tsp medicine in it. Pattu looks at me, her cheeks red with fever. She gulps down the medicine as she has been doing the past three days and washes it down with a sip of water. I tuck her back in and get back to the […]

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Christmas, Holiday, Musings

Holiday Cheer

“Can we set it up now? Please? Pretty please?” Pattu has been at it since early this week. The ‘it’ here referring to our small 4 ft Christmas tree. I stalled with “After Thanksgiving”, “I am tired!”, “Tomorrow?” till I could no longer do it. So, this afternoon after snacks, I gave her the nod […]

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