Notes From A Newly Minted Working Woman

I survey the place around me from my elevated perch. I am on the elliptical chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam while pushing my body to do more, to sweat more. Laddu walks down from the bed. Her hair is mussed, her face unwashed and sticky from sleep. She lazes on the sofa before me. The twins are … Continue reading Notes From A Newly Minted Working Woman

Human After All

I feel connected, my arms waving with the music, my voice joining in with the chorus of voices that emanates, amplifies and fills the theater. I was at a rehearsal at the Lincoln theater where the Harmony Project choir was preparing for their December finale. I watched David Brown orchestrate a beautiful crowd of people … Continue reading Human After All

On Changes Big And Small

  I open the door to Laddu’s class and hear a piercing wail from a boy standing next to his teacher. I freeze and then laugh as I figure out what is happening. ‘I don’t want to go to the other class!” he sobs while his teacher holds him. She is rubbing his back while … Continue reading On Changes Big And Small

Milestones – 5 years!

I feel you before I hear you. Your tiny hand is on my forehead. My eyes flutter awake to your "Can you wake Appa so he can put me in bed?" I absently shake Saathi who sleep-walks you to bed before he falls back in his a few minutes later. I am wide awake now. … Continue reading Milestones – 5 years!

Rays of sunshine

Dear Ammu and Pattu, Today has been a day of anticipation. As I put the two of you to bed and blew air kisses, the last thing I did was to whisper "Happy Birthday baby!" to each of you. You see, you turn a year older today. I have been carefully building up the tempo … Continue reading Rays of sunshine

Room with a view

I look at the clock. It is a quarter to 3:00 PM. A little late for lunch I decide and whip up a churumuri kind of snack. Salad veggies chopped, a pinch of masala, a spoon of chutney and leftover mixture. I settle back on my chair and work while I eat. I could get … Continue reading Room with a view

Arbitrary thoughts

In a precious few hours, my amma will be here. Laden with goodies for Kay and Cee and my siblings and I, she will step off the car a shy smile changing her face into something that will be etched in memory. For years I have longed to welcome amma home as paati. This will be yet another … Continue reading Arbitrary thoughts

Freedom of choice – Why is it murky?

Over the past week when I was stuck in an inspiration less phase, plenty of thoughts buzzed around my head. A few came from current happenings, a few from personal experiences and observations. My friend Arch wrote to ask what I thought of the Delhi High Court ruling that decriminalizes homosexuality. I thought it was … Continue reading Freedom of choice – Why is it murky?

Of Dhal, Chawal, Subzi.

If you were not aware already, I document evidence of my kitchen experiments here. Yesterday SLK left a comment that had me smiling. And thinking! If you haven't hopped over to see the actual comment, the gist of it is that most South Indians specially after moving away from home tend to pick up global … Continue reading Of Dhal, Chawal, Subzi.

Stereotypes, Songs and Musings

Listening to this song from Autograph, I was mesmerized by the voices of the people singing it and lost in memories of watching this movie with K when a couple of lines I was humming along jumped out at me. The harmony was lost and my train of thoughts went down a different path. Actually … Continue reading Stereotypes, Songs and Musings

Got to start somewhere right?

Every time a group of friends get together topics eventually meander to the state of Indian politics and the insurmountable problems in our civic structure. Every time without fail, we discuss, we sigh collectively and forget about it. So, today when I saw this email from K's classmate, I clicked and was impressed by what … Continue reading Got to start somewhere right?

Is this what they call a cultural difference?

Scratching my head with the back of a pencil I was stumped. I had no idea what was causing my test case to fail. Taking a deep breath I decided to start over. Even before I executed code, I went over the code visually. There had to be something I was missing. The blinking IM … Continue reading Is this what they call a cultural difference?

Seeping change

Sometimes change happens so slowly that you are not aware it happens at all and one fine day something happens that you sit up and take notice and recognize what is different. Like packing your bag and leaving for the day at 5:30 PM and being startled that it is not as dark as you … Continue reading Seeping change

On the precipice of History

I raced against time shoving spoonfuls of food into my mouth before rushing to the packed cafeteria in our office where the TV was on and soulful music was playing and Obama stood on the precipice of History. Watching Obama take his oath in a calm composed manner and then go on to deliver a … Continue reading On the precipice of History

Yes! We Can!!

Watching the election results trickle in and like magic just past the 11:00 hour, the screen on my TV flash "Barack Obama elected the 44th President of the United States", I could feel goosebumps on my skin. Sure was a historic moment. Not so much for the race part. Yes it does matter but for … Continue reading Yes! We Can!!

Do I look professional?

I must have badgered K before we left to work. I tried different shirts on before I found one that I felt comfortable in and one that could pass off as business casuals. One of the downsides of working for a company that advocates casual dressing for its employees is that I have no clue … Continue reading Do I look professional?

The office with a view

I start taking baby steps to a big dream this week. Long back I mentioned it on here. This whole thing happened in less than three weeks. I am excited, eager and anxious to start. I remember the heady days of starting middle and high school when I would lay out my books ahead of … Continue reading The office with a view

Fall is coming! Fall is coming!

That's right! About three hours from now, we will officially be in the fall season here this side of the globe. There is something solid and reassuring about knowing the exact date and time of the change. For days now, I have been ignoring the dry patches on my leg. Body lotion was for fall. … Continue reading Fall is coming! Fall is coming!

Mellowed down?

Watching K drive away for his regular Saturday cricket matches, I picked up the phone to call my mom like I usually do. Half an hour later enthused by reaching out to mom, I scanned the list of people in my address book and worked my way down. I called most people I wanted to … Continue reading Mellowed down?

Time for change?

K sat frustrated with our new laptop. He was harried because it was getting late to go to work. Shower not done, his beeper went off. As he tried to navigate the keyboard of our new laptop his frustrations bounced off me. "Why does it take so long to boot?", "Where is the End key?", … Continue reading Time for change?