Room with a view

I look at the clock. It is a quarter to 3:00 PM. A little late for lunch I decide and whip up a churumuri kind of snack. Salad veggies chopped, a pinch of masala, a spoon of chutney and leftover mixture. I settle back on my chair and work while I eat. I could get … Continue reading Room with a view

Butterflies, Brickbats and Bouquets

Clearing up my desk at 4:30, I was a nervous mess. I had the one slide I was presenting printed out,  neat handmade notes to go with the slide and yet was so unsure of everything I had on there. No. this was not some client presentation on which $$$ hinged. It was to be … Continue reading Butterflies, Brickbats and Bouquets

Et tu, Google?

As much as I wanted to take a break from blogging and come back with something worth my while to talk about, this article on MarketWatch made me come hopping back to my cherished outlet. Now, Google is a company I have come to love. The kind of love that grows over time. Much like … Continue reading Et tu, Google?

Interesting perspectives: Casual Vs Formal

As part of an Effective Leadership class I am taking this term, yesterday's class ended with a discussion of corporate culture. As we meandered through different topics the one thing that kept coming back to my mind was the discussion on how companies were termed conservative because of their dress codes. As I have mentioned … Continue reading Interesting perspectives: Casual Vs Formal

Initial impressions

At 5:00 PM Wednesday evening my stomach was in knots. I walked past the door to the university a couple of times scoping the place out and checking to see if anyone was in early. The smell of mayonnaise hit my nose. We were supposed to show up at 5:30 PM for our Orientation. I … Continue reading Initial impressions

Do I look professional?

I must have badgered K before we left to work. I tried different shirts on before I found one that I felt comfortable in and one that could pass off as business casuals. One of the downsides of working for a company that advocates casual dressing for its employees is that I have no clue … Continue reading Do I look professional?

The office with a view

I start taking baby steps to a big dream this week. Long back I mentioned it on here. This whole thing happened in less than three weeks. I am excited, eager and anxious to start. I remember the heady days of starting middle and high school when I would lay out my books ahead of … Continue reading The office with a view

If this could work, wouldn’t it be awesome?

I got this as a forward from a friend. It made me think and I figured instead of forwarding it on, if I posted it here may be I can ask what YOU think about it 🙂 I could not find the actual source, if anyone knows please let me know and I will attribute … Continue reading If this could work, wouldn’t it be awesome?

Are some things fated to happen?

Two years back bitten by the academia bug I made an appointment with Penn State Student counselors to figure out if I had enough credentials to take up a Masters program at their suburban campus. The lady who met with me looked at my transcripts and degree and waved breezily in the air remarking that … Continue reading Are some things fated to happen?