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Airbrushed reality

I snuck back home a little before 1:00 AM this morning. As I slipped under the covers, in the last few moments before sleep claimed me, my thoughts about Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani was that it was airbrushed reality. Sitting in my patio, sipping on hot kaapi, watching the kids pick wildflowers for me, I […]

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It is written. No?

Following Manchus comment here, I couldn’t help but pen down my thoughts on the ceremony yesterday. It was probably the first time I have paid the Academy Awards this much attention. There are snatches from previous ceremonies like when Halle Berry won that are etched in my mind. For some strange reason I even remember […]

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That’s some dance!

Random YouTubing got me to this. A dance choreographed by Nakul Mahajan for the Fox show “So You Think You Can Dance”. I was smiling all the way through the end. So, what do YOU think? I think it is freaking awesome 🙂

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