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Beating The Blues, Tomorrow.

I walk in after dropping my youngest daughter at daycare. I see evidence of the morning rush near the shoe rack. Shoes strewn all over. I am tempted to put them back in order but I move on. I open the door only to stumble on a half naked doll by the cedar chest housing […]

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Gray days

I gently lock the double glass doors behind me and linger just a second longer taking in your weary eyes, shaggy hair and the air of resignation about you. I lean over the sofa to kiss soft heads good-bye before scanning the room a last time as I close the door behind me. I sit […]

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Blue without you

Not you really but the you I want you to be. Confusing enough? Sometimes it occurs to me that I miss the person even when they are physically near me. Because you see my imagined version of them is different from the real person in flesh and blood. I airbrush the imperfections, focus on the […]

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Life is whizzing past…

Ever get that feeling that you are caught on the median with vehicles flying past both ways wondering if the pace will ever let up leaving you with space to cross? I’ve felt that way for a couple of days now. I feel like everything is flying past me and I have to catch up […]

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On a day like today

As I look at the clock and realize the week is almost at the end, I feel immeasurable relief. The week that went past has been busy, taxing mentally and very challenging. I enjoyed working but was drained at the end of the day. Classes started this week and the two professors that teach this […]

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Feeling blue

This week has been strangely restless. I feel this acute sense of aging and life rushing past me. I feel caught between feeling regrets for the things that can’t be and an indifference to what lies ahead. While I know this is just in my head sometimes it begs of me to be written somewhere. […]

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Writing prompts

Each day as I sip Kaapi, shower or drive to work, my mind is looking for bloggable topics. Incidents that embed themselves into my brain. Some days I get lucky like Tuesday when I got stuck in the snow. Some other days, there is nothing eventful happening. Then one day I get lucky. Browsing randomly […]

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Sometimes, I wake up in the morning with the feeling that I am waiting for life to happen. Waiting for the year to end. Waiting for family to visit. Waiting to visit India. Waiting for a friend to call. Waiting for the dream job. Waiting for the family to be complete. An eternal series of […]

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