Of Stories And Storytellers

I scan the tinted windows of the Amtrak train which a new friend boarded to get home. I hope to wave one final bye before I walk back to my car but can't see her. I drive home on auto-pilot. The weekend has been interesting. It has been intense. Over two months ago, when The … Continue reading Of Stories And Storytellers

Story of India – The Golden Age

Settling in comfortably on our well used recliner with a warm throw K and I tuned in to watch the next two episodes of The Story of India on PBS. The third episode showed the period of the Kushan rule and Emperor Kanishka. Colorful images of Mathura and Ayodhya were a visual assault on the … Continue reading Story of India – The Golden Age


Waiting to have my blood drawn as part of some routine checks, I noticed this in the waiting area. I couldn't help smiling to myself. As K summed it - thodappa¬†kattai¬†in a chatti (brooms in a pot). As we waited, we ended up discussing decor and what is Art. Growing up, I remember lots of … Continue reading Artsy?