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An Unusual Gathering

A few days ago, a friend messaged me to check if I was interested in a dinner event. She was vague about details except that the food was free and that it was a small group of like-minded women. I figured I would give it a shot since I knew at least two people there. […]

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The view out the balcony mirrors my mood. Patches of grey sky peek in between the dense upper branches of the tree by the apartment block. Dead limbs hang limp. Tiny buds peek through the very tips of the healthy ones.  I hear raised voices again from the other side. I feel my body shake. […]

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Armchair activism

So, what CAN we do?

This is a follow-up to my previous post. So, I did sign the pledge on here and got a nice little email detailing what I could do. I thought I would share it on here for those interested. 1. Tell 5 people about the film and share one thing you learned from watching it. 2. […]

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