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The Voice At The Other End Of The Line

The phone rings a few times before her voice comes on the line. Reassuring. Available. Just there for my taking. We exchange pleasantries. We talk about what we cooked, how we slept, minor aches and pains, the cost of medicines, the cost of a kilo of tomatoes. We talk of bank balances, siblings and children. […]

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Simple joys

  We step out in the darkness, a distant light reflecting off the puddle of water in the middle of our driveway. We skirt around it and walk leisurely out to the road. It is past nine in the evening. The lamp-posts in front of each home emits a dull glow. Fireflies wink in and […]

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I watch you as you bend to place something in your overnight bag for the umpteenth time. Your forehead is creased with lines. Laugh lines. Worry lines. Anxiety lines. Sad lines. The lines that tell me the story of your life. I stand by the stove stirring the boiling pot of water with specks of […]

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Underappreciated and overwhelmed

I woke up to the sounds of Amma bustling in the kitchen. The dishwasher was being unloaded, the microwave humming and the cooker hissing in the background. Stretching lazily, I also heard sounds of one of the twins waking. Ignoring any temptation to snooze for a few more minutes, I jumped out of bed to […]

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My everyday hero!

Watching and rewatching a slide show of pictures from my twin’s birthday party, I noticed my GMail Inbox tab had a (1) next to it indicating a new mail. Smiling, I checked to see a note from my good old friend saying “Amma rocks!!! You must write a piece only on her.” I was taken aback a […]

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Then there were five

As I cradled the phone in the crook of my neck talking to Amma as I seasoned the kootu I was making this morning, my mom went “You will never believe what happened today…” Image courtesy: The Hindu via Google Image Search Turns out she was out shopping with my aunt and when she got […]

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Back to routine

It’s amazing how little things bring order and a smile to an otherwise chaotic day. After six odd months, as K and I drove to work together, I was on my cell phone calling Amma like I always do. Just as expected, she picked the phone at first ring and my first question was “Enna […]

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Standing at the door

After six months of having Amma over every weekend, six months of telephone calls every three hours, Amma leaves to India today. As I stood at the door waving Bye I was filled with sadness, concern, anxiety and a sense of responsibility. You see, this is the first  time Amma is traveling by herself. It […]

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The needy one

I call my mom every day. Every day as I drive to work, I pick up the phone with a smile on my face. The anticipation of hearing my mom say “Hello” and me always asking “Enna pannindu irrunde”. Its a routine just like brushing my teeth or having my morning coffee. Calling mom is […]

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