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The view out the balcony mirrors my mood. Patches of grey sky peek in between the dense upper branches of the tree by the apartment block. Dead limbs hang limp. Tiny buds peek through the very tips of the healthy ones.  I hear raised voices again from the other side. I feel my body shake. […]

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Little People Problems

“I can’t believe foreigners are in our apartment!” “Won’t they think India is dirty?” Her face wrinkles in concern as she eyes Ammu and Pattu as they soar on the squeaky swings. I look at them too and answer the girl in front of me with questions of my own. We trade replies and she […]

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Growing Up

“I am off to read my book…” She waves the book in her hand as I look quizically. My maternal instincts are screaming something is off. “Are you taking the iPad with you?” I ask, eyes scanning for evidence. She holds out her hands which hold the hard bound copy of Charlotte’s Web. I smile, […]

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The gift of timelessness

I sit on the stoop by the side entrance, Laddu bouncing on my lap. The morning is crisp and chill as Spring mornings ought to be. I turn towards my driveway and the sun pierces my eye. Squinting, I watch Ammu and Pattu make circles on their princess bikes. In matching pink and purple jackets, […]

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Sleeping child

I hold her close to my bosom, her even breathing feeling warm and precious as we stay cocooned in the rocking chair as the fan whirrs overhead. The room is dark, the blinds filtering the sunless daylight from behind the clouds. I run my fingers through her curly hair untangling and separating the strands. I […]

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Warning: Hurt feelings ahead

“If you hurt my feelings one more time…” Pattu looks at Ammu with threatening eyes. Ammu replies hardly looking up from her coloring book “I hurt your feelings already. I hurt you first!” Saathi and I grin across the dining table and file these conversations to retold and enjoyed years later. My mind however is […]

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The Things We Treasure

Few things are in my possession that I treasure. Over the years, it has been books, mementoes from childhood. With every move a few have been lost, misplaced or given away. Some things, however, come into our lives and transform it. The year was 2005. It was mid October. The season when leaves fall, trees […]

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I hang up the phone. I can almost smell the disinfectant. See the dull grey of the rooms. Hear the monotone of the nurse. Hospitals do that to me. It brings my deepest fears to the fore. Mortality. Perhaps it is because I have been in and out of them for a fair share of […]

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Losses: People on pedestals

Sometimes in life, a realization so startling occurs when you least expect it. Like when you are in the shower or when you are mid sentence talking about inane things. Sometimes it is triggered by memories. Today’s Writing 101 prompt at Daily post is about a three-part series. It asks you to talk about losses. […]

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Winding down. Counting down.

I scan the outside as I rinse out my cup. The mountains of snow in my backyard seem eerily still. The calm before the storm echoes a voice in my head. I look at the clock. The darkness will be upon us in a few hours. I feel a sense of foreboding. I check to […]

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Morning musings

I woke to the pitter-patter of little feet on the carpet followed by a warm body snuggling next to me under the covers. A muted light shone in my eyes. Fluttering my eyelids open, I was treated to a bluish-green radiance coming off the glow-pet that pattu held in her hands. Reaching by feel to […]

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Guardian angels

An impromptu food drop off from a friend turned neighbor. A text that says “Vetti? Call??”. Weekly check in calls. GTalk conversations that start with “Oye” and end with a promise to visit. Emails that offer to pick up favorites from a store away from where I live. Unplanned afternoon meet ups. Conversations that hum […]

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Taking stock

It is a grey day. The skies are overcast with the promise of rain. The sun lurks somewhere behind the grey veil casting a pale light over the yard. I sit at the island, a cup of tea by my side. Wisps of steam escape and dance away into nothingness. The eerie glow of the […]

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Left with a couple of hours to kill in a waiting room, I dutifully turned to Facebook and my email. What started as a simple response to an email snowballed into a flurry of emails. Switching off the iPad, I gazed at a corner of the wall and took stock of the situation. The solution […]

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Reflections on the years past

As we turn the corner into December and watch the end of the year loom larger ahead, reflections on the year(s) passed creep into my head. It starts slowly. A sense of gratitude sneaks in along with the twinkling lights at night. The chill outside seems to edge the temperatures higher inside me. I feel […]

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Blurring lines

Driving down slowly along the one lane road that is now the primary connection between my old life and the new one, I was on auto-pilot. Eyes scanning the road, the rearview and the kids in a loop that is now second nature. We passed a familiar light and the traffic ahead of me slowed. […]

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Stark reality

In the past few months, a new kind of fixation has taken hold of me. Articles on how women can have it all, cannot have it all, should have it all, should not have it all. All parts of the spectrum have been written, blogged, discussed ad nauseam. As I read each one, I nod […]

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Deferred Dreams

Randomly, I find patterns in the kinds of articles I read. This week the theme seems to be dreams. Pursuing dreams, shattered dreams. I stumble on articles that talk about people who find the courage to pursue their passion. Articles that question the worth of a life lived without passion. Often I have found that […]

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Summer of discontent

The heat made shimmering waves off the patio surface. I stood by the sink, the Sun’s slanting rays hitting me right in the eyes making me squint. I had paused from my evening routine of doing dishes before Saathi came home with the kids. The stretch of the yard between the patio and the tall […]

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