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Pasta Upma – A different spin on pasta and upma

Background: I make this when I am tired of the regular varieties of upma that cannot handle masala all that well. This is also a good way to use leftover pasta. This recipe is versatile and lends itself to many variations. Stuff you will need: 1 cup pasta (penne/fusili/macaroni/shells) – boiled, drained 2 tsp oil […]

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Inexorable march to the future defines inexorable as unbending; severe, relentless, unrelenting, implacable, merciless, cruel, pitiless. Around where I live there are plenty of steep winding country roads. Much like roller coasters. One such road is the one connecting my home with my brother’s. Each time we drive back home there is this stretch where there is the feeling […]

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Waiting room musings

As I sat in the rather small waiting room of my hospital’s out patient lab I could not help muse about the behaviors of people when forced to share space with totally unknown strangers for a fair amount of time. When I took my seat after handing in my paperwork I saw there were about […]

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Epiphany – A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.

This word has fascinated me many times. I heard it used by many people. I never quite got what it meant. Till yesterday. I had an epiphany. It feels good saying that. I have to go back a bit to explain what I feel. Over the years there have been many things I have craved, […]

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Jeera rasam for the desi soul

Waiting for a friend in the lobby of her office, I picked up a worn out copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Turning over the pages vacantly, I read a few of the contributions and found myself nodding my head in agreement or going “My parents would have done the exact same thing! […]

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Ahh! the smell of mulch!

Never thought I’d live to see this day. When I would proclaim my joy to the world on how much I loved the smell of mulch. Don’t get me wrong. Mulch smells and horribly too but after years of seeing the seasons change, I have finally learned to associate the smell of mulch with the […]

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I was a happy bride!

Yes. Amma and I watched my wedding video. Full five hours of meticulous ceremonies and brightly clad people. Over the past seven years, I would have watched my wedding video probably three times in full. Yesterday as we were done dinner and sat around not knowing what to do, I had this brainwave. As we […]

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