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Bangles, Dolls and Lessons Learned

We worked in tandem, Saathi and I, assembling our Golu Padi. I held the wooden frame while he drilled, hammered and brought it all together. Ammu and Pattu hovered around, stepped on toes and whizzed around in the swivel chairs. Laddu orbited around all of us sometimes chasing a ball and other times digging in […]

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An Afterthought, Invisible.

A week back I stumbled on something that crossed my timeline on Facebook, the way these memes do. I read, liked and went my way. The thought however, lodged itself in my head and would not let go. I tried pinning it down a couple of times without luck. This morning as I looked at […]

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Much Ado About Nothing

I am bent over, the squishiness of me spilling out, my back taut as I tie the laces of Ammu’s shoes. Pattu stands behind her, rivulets of tears streaming down her face. Her golden hair glints in the ambient light as she reaches out for her Appa to envelop her. Her voice, still plaintive pierces […]

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