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Greying. Aging.

I declare my #henna #indigo adventure a success! — Lakshmi (@lakshgiri) January 13, 2020 It has been a day since I colored my hair. I pause every time I pass a mirror. I look critically noticing the grey along the sidebangs, the center of my parting. When I think no one is looking, I lean […]

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On Writing: Giving In To Impulse

All it took was a message from a writer friend to get me started on an essay. I started with a blank page. I had a vague idea about what I wanted to write. I did what I normally do, pick some random starting point and start my narrative there. The words flew, they jumped […]

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Book Review: Good Talk by Mira Jacob

Mira Jacob’s book Good Talk kept popping on my social media feed since it came out in March 2019. The term graphic memoir was strange enough for me to put away looking for it. Then, this week, while searching for something unrelated, this book popped up again. On impulse I bought it. I finished the […]

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The World Is Burning

Literally and figuratively. Everywhere I turn I see and hear about the wildfires in Australia. I read about yet another senseless war in the making. It feels like there is little point to this existence. The sense of powerlessness is omnipresent. I turn my gaze inward, to the small circle that is my daily life. […]

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A Happy New Year Indeed!

Happy New Year all! I woke up New Year’s eve to the news that my yet to be published children’s book was on a list of 50 anticipated books in India. Needless to say, I was excited and more than a little scared. 41. Why is my hair curly? by Lakshmi Iyer (Red Panda; Westland Publications) […]

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Happy New Year!

Dear readers, As we start a new decade, I wish for you: Calm in the face of a storm Equanimity in the face of sorrow Hope in the face of despair Perseverance in the face of failure Happiness above everything else. Happy New Year to all of you. Love, Lakshmi.

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Looking Back. Looking Forward.

Rituals are just that, repetitive things that we do because they serve some purpose for us. My annual ritual of poring over everything I have written over the year, culling out the ones that mark a transition or milestone of some sort and assembling them to tell the story of my year gives me joy. […]

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