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About Lakshmi

Lakshmi is a Hellenistic practitioner who studied under Acyuta Bhava Das of Nightlight Astrology. She is studying Vedic Astrology under the tutelage of Freedom Cole and the Science of Light cohort of 2022.

Lakshmi practices both Hellenistic and Vedic Astrology. She works with the Tropical Zodiac for Hellenistic and Sidereal Zodiac for Vedic astrology. She uses Whole Sign Houses for both.


Create a Birth Chart

If you would like to get your birth chart, reach out and Lakshmi can generate one for you for free.

Birth Chart Consult

A typical reading takes about an hour to prepare for and about an hour to go over what is called natal promise. It is a look at the different areas in your life and what the stars portend. It is not fatalistic or predictive, just interpretative.

Starts at $150 USD

The Year Ahead Consult

This reading is to look at the birth chart and, the current position of the planets in the sky. This is to give you an idea of the areas in your life that is likely to experience changes. Think of this as a cosmic weather forecast. One that helps you prepare for the joys or challenges ahead.

Starts at $150 USD


Lakshmi has converted the skeptic in me. Not only did she describe my personality accurately but could also identify periods in my life (to the month) that have had a lasting impact on my life. For example, she picked November of 1986 as a defining period in my life, and that was spot on – my mother died in that month – an event that changed the trajectory of my life. In terms of my future, she picked September 30th of this year as a defining date, and I am not surprised, for I do anticipate something big at around that time period. What I particularly like about Lakshmi’s predictions is that she is not a doomsday sayer, and offers hope for redemption, even in the face of trying times.  I will certainly pick her brains more in the future and have no doubt that she’ll make a name for herself in astrology, as she has in the field of writing.

L. Gopal

I was so pleased when Lakshmi read my birth chart. Lakshmi’s incredibly intuitive with her interpretations, and I’m eager to see what opportunities reveal themselves in the upcoming year. She was able to pinpoint the time periods I’ll want to pay specific attention to and also able to anticipate upcoming positive shifts in my life. What a fantastic opportunity to glimpse a piece of yourself in the stars. Thank you, Lakshmi!

L. Ryan Storms



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