The Best Day – Taylor’s Version

In November 2022, I registered for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets presale. I did it on a whim, a wish sent out into the universe. On the 15th, when I managed to actually score tickets, my niece and I had a cry-fest over messages. With her at school and me at work, we supported each other through three hours of staying in line and actually making it with the code working and the virtual tickets in my inbox shortly after.

Mother’s Day dawned with a lot of excitement on our home and we all set out (#Swiftie dad included) around 3:00 pm to the Lincoln Financial Field in Philly. This was our first concert experience and first stadium experience so there was a lot of curiosity and trepidation on how it would all work out. Parking way out from the concert location was the best thing we did even if it meant we had to walk a bit. As we approached the stadium, the carnival like atmosphere took over. Everywhere we turned we saw sequins, hats, red colored outfits and tributes to the different Taylor Swift eras. As for us, we stopped with matching tees with our favorite lyric printed on it.

We were in our seats before 5:30 pm and watched as the stadium filled up. We each had a wristband with a white rectangular plastic we assumed would light up once the show started or the light faded. The show started at 6:00 pm with Gracie Abrams looking ethereal in a white dress. Teens around us openly wept as they sang along with her. Next up was Phoebe Bridgers and the adulation we saw was incredible. At 8:00 pm, the display showed a countdown and the energy shifted as everyone counted down to the zero mark.

Taylor’s entrance was spectacular, the gasp inducing, screaming your head off kind of production. The decibel levels in the stadium was something that infused your body with what I can only call an out of body experience. The kind where you are there physically but you can also kind of see yourself in that sea of human bodies from above. You feel the beat, the resonance of the crowd in every pore of your skin. The wristbands lit up creating hearts, cubes and patterns that matched the songs and the floor. The sea of lights was mesmerizing in the way fireworks are. No picture can capture the gorgeousness of the moment. You can only treasure it in your memories.

Watching my niece belt out lyrics to every song played, watching my older twins sway with the music and hug their cousin as they danced, watching my little one’s face light up when her favorite song came on, watching my husband enthusiastically perform the wave many times over, watching the absolute surrender by fans to the Goddess that is Taylor will be etched into my brain for life.

In the midst of all this, there were moments when my fourteen year olds randomly came to sit on my lap, to rest, rejuvenate themselves before the next set. There were moments when my youngest let her energy flag to find home in me. The crowning moment was when Taylor sang The Best Day about her mother as all three of my children came home to roost in me physically – on Mother’s Day.


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