My Top Ten Kdrama Recommendations

Over the past few weeks, I have been receiving messages asking me for kdrama recs based on how into it I seem at the moment. So, here are the top ten dramas that came to my head when I sat down to write. They are in no particular order and I am sure I am missing a lot of the fan favorites.

Because This Is My First Life: The first kdrama that stuck in my head for weeks after because of how intellectual it was. I loved the writing, the leads, the slow burn and the setting of it all.

Romance Is A Bonus Book: A drama that will go down in my books for its gorgeous writing, use of tropes and metaphors. Loved everything about it.

Twenty Five Twenty One: This one has it all if like me you love sepia tinted photos. This show packs a punch when it comes to melodrama. The coming of age story, the unbridled passion the leads bring and a commentary on love and relationships that run out of time all make for compulsive viewing. The acting is spectacular as is the writing.

Search WWW: I loved this one for the solid women relationships it explores. This is a social commentary on how internet algorithms dictate what we consume and why. Again, great acting and well written.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung: This was my first brush with genre of historical dramas and it packed a punch. Solid casting, great story and a brilliant commentary on who writes History as we know it. What is the relationship between perpetrator and the observer. What is neutrality? A timeless exploration of themes that are so relevant today.

Record Of Youth: A delightful coming of age story featuring good actors and solid writing. I loved how this show explores family dynamics lingering long enough on trivial everyday interactions that drive home a bigger point.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: This show features an autistic lawyer and how she navigates the world of being a functional adult. The casting, acting and story all lingered with me long after I was done watching the show.

Our Beloved Summer: This is magic on celluloid. Poetry on screen as it explores love that is seeded as young adults growing to fruition as adults. I loved the story, the camera, the production values and the music.

Business Proposal: Absolute fluff. The kind I will rewatch when I need a dopamine hit. This show defines rom-coms for me.

Descendants Of The Sun: Most people start their kdrama odyssey with Crash Landing On You. Descendants is on the same vein but fast paced and featuring a great cast. I loved all the secondary characters and their stories. I loved the pacing of this show.

So, tell me about the shows that you liked.


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