2022 – The Year In Review

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January – The year started with a bone deep exhaustion from two years and counting of the plague. Winter has never been my favorite season and the cold had me burrowing inward and burying myself in reflections.

February – The month started with news of Westland closing and my book rights being reverted to me. It was a month of pleading, anguishing and learning to make peace with the sudden turn of events.

March – This was a relatively quiet month where the only notable thing apart from my twins birthdays was the new season of Bridgerton.

April – This was a huge month for us. We traveled to New Mexico where my older kids met their birth father and his side of the family. To say this month was an emotional roller coaster is an understatement.

May – The overturning of Roe v Wade and the Uvalde shootings had me grieving for my children and the world at large. A truly sad month.

June – Saathi and I celebrated 21 years of marriage in India. The whole month was marked by sickness, travel and some incredible moments in India.

July – My book found a new home at Pratilipi. I started a new job and the summer evenings were a thing of joy.

August – This month marked my foray into the world of korean dramas. It also saw me actively working for the midterms on behalf of They See Blue – an organization that mobilizes desis for the Democrats.

September – Back to school and of course, Navarathri.

October – Kantara was the standout memory from this month, other than Deepavali of course.

November – The blue wave at the midterms was the highlight as well as the spotlight on Adoption awareness.

December – Lots of kdrama, birthday month and of course a chance to relive the year gone past.

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