The Rocking Fifties

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This week has been one for milestone birthdays, twenty fifth wedding anniversaries and other time markers that has me thinking.

People of my age are at a cusp in their lives as they stare at empty nests and retirement in the not so distant future. As I walked around my home this morning striding to feel good pop music, I realized that the women I know have in their lifetimes weighed marrying for love against marrying to pay the debt of gratitude. They have walked away from toxic marriages. Some have stuck it out for their children. Some have dealt with adultery and chosen to stay in their marriages. Some have walked out children in hand to establish new lives. Some have had support, some have done it all themselves. These women have led phenomenal lives. These are people I know, people I care about.

Some times, it takes milestone anniversaries to realize the immensity of the ordinary lives we lead. From rolling our eyes in judgement, we are now at a place where empathy and wisdom has taught us that there are never any good answers or solutions.

In my thirties, I wondered why art seemed larger than life. Nearing my fifties, I am now of the opinion, art reflects life. For every story on death, loss, drugs, sexuality and adultery, there is someone in my life who has experienced worse. Just when I think I have seen it all, I stumble upon things that upend that smugness and shakes me inside out.

Life in its late forties feels like a do-over with the wisdom that comes from experience to guide us into bolder decisions. As I process epiphanies for the rest of the day, here is to all the phenomenal women in my life.

Rock on. You got this!

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  1. Most of the times the life situations end up being roll of the dice and the ordinary will have to muster extraordinary strength. Inspiring and humbling.

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