Musings On Art And Intimacy

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Hot on the heels of the recent Sanjay Subrahmanyan (@sanjaysub) concert in Philadelphia, a friend and I were chatting and she said “He was outstanding! The best I can explain is he makes love with his voice”

I nodded heartily and we moved on to other things but I kept going back to her statement and how accurately it reflects how I feel about art, music and words. When I write, I aspire for that kind of intimacy between my words and their reader. The sense of being heard, held and known in an intimate, one on one way.

In my early twenties, I made sense of heartaches by listening to songs over and over. These days, when I listen to Taylor Swift, I wish I had her lyrics then. They speak to me in a way other words do not. When I first listened to “Somebody I used to know” by Gotye, the song felt visceral to me. It came to me when I was mourning someone who had been part of my life for so long that the loss felt like death.

Art and its capacity to make humans less lonely is all there is to it. Art connects. Art infuses life. Art heals.

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