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Our lives glide smoothly, seamless on predetermined paths. Occasionally, I pass you in the distance, the tilt of the head, the familiar gait causing my heart to quicken and a smile to appear on my face. Sometimes, I notice a picture on your status and I linger just a moment before I move on. Sometimes, you are too far away for me to see you. I just know that you are there, your life just as a busy as mine, walking, running, moving all the time.

Sometimes, when my pace slows and I feel like I am moving backwards in time, I pause to remember all the spots that I have crossed before. The memories, like long forgotten songs, struggle to make themselves heard. Just when I think perhaps I have time to stop and breathe, my life picks up pace and I zoom back again with nary a thought to the milestones on the way. They register as blips before I am well on my way leaving them far behind.

On and on we go, in circles that rarely intersect, spinning, slowing, speeding until all we are is a blur of motion.

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