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A viral story about three desi women being harassed by a woman of Mexican descent in Plano, Texas made it rounds through my circles. The outrage was immediate and furious. The reactions ranged from “how could a person with immigrant heritage do this” to “why was the bond set so low”.

In those same circles when I put out a request to write postcards for They See Blue or solicit help for any GOTV (Get Out The Vote) measures, the silence is ominous.

Today, I have been mulling over the disconnect. This is something that seems to ail most people of desi descent. There is a healthy dislike/apathy/disgust amongst us towards anything relating to civic duty.

Irrespective of where political allegiances lie, it is hard to ignore what Trumpism has unleased in America. Sentiments that were hitherto simmering beneath a veneer of politeness have been unmasked. We are confronted with the true feelings of the people we call neighbors and friends.

There is only one way ahead. If we value personal freedoms and believe that there is a just America beneath the ugliness, we need to work for it. We have to show up in droves to silence the vociferous minority.

This means beyond the outrage, we need to be aware of the down ballot races and the people vying for these positions. We need to educate ourselves on what the impact of these decisions that happen at the ballot box has on our lives. Most importantly, we must shake off that apathy and indifference and participate this democracy or what is left of it in order to salvage it.

If you are desi and, eligible to vote in America, make sure your voice is heard.

If you live in PA, check this page out. I will keep updating it as we near the midterms.


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