Because This Is My First Life

“It’s easier to be crazy than explain something that people can’t understand. It’s more convenient that way. It’s better to be crazy than pathetic.”

I fell headlong into the trap that is kdrama in July. My latest obsession is this lovely show called “Because This Is My First Life” that explores relationships. It takes on love, marriage, dating and subverts tropes.

There are so many things about this particular show I liked. It features multiple, well fleshed out characters. It is cerebral in a way that it made me think so much. Just when I think it is going to be cliched, it surprises me.

The best part though, was this reference to a story about Room 19 and the notion that all of us need that private space, a place where we exist without explanation.

Long after I finished watching the show, I kept going back to the notion of belonging, of being in love and the human need for validation. For a TV show, this certainly was deep.


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