Where Is My Village? #RoeVWade

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Tomorrow will mark one week since Politico published the leaked draft opinion overturning Roe V Wade.

It has been one week of raging, puzzling, crying and wanting to burn it all down. As the days pass and we as a collective, get used to the notion that our children will live in a world with lesser rights than we did growing up, I am mad as hell. If the point of the leak was to get us used to this and prevent the rage around the midterms, I hope they miscalculated the risk.

With each day, my anger and rage is steadily building. I hope it is doing so for every sane person in this country. While I wait for the political fallout, I am wondering about how to be prepared for a post Roe USA which would put it at the same level as some of the most restrictive nations in the world.

If you have pre-teens, teens and young adults, what are you doing as an adult to help them navigate the world they will find themselves? In terms of education and awareness, how are your framing these conversations with your children? Have you formed a group, a community, a village that will care for and help the kids out?

At this point, I am starting to have these conversations with the people I care about. I don’t know how it will look in the part of the US I live in. As a parent, have you considered moving to states/countries where a living woman has more rights than a cadaver? It is true, no one can give away your organs after you are dead without your express consent prior to you dying.

Most importantly, are you having these conversations with the people who are likely to be the most impacted? If there are young adults in your life, how are they girding up for this insanity?

Please tell me I am not alone in feeling this way.


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  1. No you are not alone, Laksh. I totally understand the rage in you.

    Another (similar) matter leaves me with unimaginable rage in my side of the world. In Tamil Nadu, emergency contraceptive pills are banned – they cannot be bought over the counter, and it is technically illegal for doctors to prescribe them too. This is just as bad as the anti abortion ideas of your country. The logic the government gives is that if the morning-after pill is available, girls would sleep around indiscriminately. Really? REALLY? I just felt a surge of acid in my stomach, just writing that.

    I once got pregnant because I couldn’t get the emergency pill after an indiscreet night. I had to go in for an abortion. It was strange that it was ok to abort, but not ok to prevent.

    If I move out of Tamil Nadu, this would be one of the two driving forces – although I am far over the child bearing age, but as a principle. The other force would be the rampant, official casteism.

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