Instagram Live With Neha – Astrology 101

In the year since I officially started studying and practicing #astrology I am often asked:

Why Astrology?
Why #Hellenistic astrology?
Why now?
Why do you believe in something that is not a science?
Have you seen it work?

I met @astrovibeswithneha in a class I take and we connected instinctively. We start most mornings chatting about the transits for the day. The idea for this live was born from common questions we get asked as desis practicing Hellenistic or Greek astrology.

Join in if you are vaguely curious, intensely interested or anything between. We promise to keep it light, interesting and fun. Neha’s Gemini Sun will ensure that.

If you have questions you want addressed, feel free to ask in the comments during the live or email or DM me ahead.

Updated with link to video.

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