Direct Motion

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Often as I am on trains, I am fascinated by other trains passing by and the relative motion of the two trains as experienced by me. There is usually a moment in time when one train passes another, where I feel suspended, unsure of which direction I am traveling in.

This week in celestial weather, the huge giants Saturn and Jupiter station to turn direct. For the past few months, they have appeared to move backward from our point of view on earth. This happens roughly when they are halfway across their synodic cycle. Saturn slowed down last week, appearing to stay still. This week, he will slowly inch forward, gaining momentum, covering the ground he has covered since February of this year. Early next year he will cover new ground and with it bring order and structure to previously unaffected parts of our lives.

Jupiter, the giant gaseous planet slows down this week, appearing to station still before turning and moving forward, inching its way to Pisces where it is the lord. If May through July this year felt like the burdens felt lighter, that is how it will feel after December when Jupiter moves out of Saturn’s domain and into its own watery home where it is free to dole out benevolence without constraints.

So, what does this mean?

Starting next week, whatever area of your life Aquarius rules in your birth chart should start seeing some buoyancy. It will feel like there is forward motion. If you have been feeling constrained and stuck, that will feel like it is changing. These effects take time to bear fruit but we are headed there slowly, but surely.

In the midst of these heavy hitters, we have Mercury, the messenger God, capable of flitting between the heavens and the netherworld, also turning direct on October 18th. All the communications mishaps, travel rearrangements you may have experienced will right themselves once Mercury covers the lost ground and is out of its shadow zone completely on November 2nd, which by the way is also your local election day if you live in the US. Remember to vote!

Mercury is in Libra and any snafus in that area of your chart will start feeling relief towards the first week of November.

As we head into next week, we still have some stormy cosmic weather as Sun and then Mars squares Pluto between the Libra and Capricorn areas of your chart. Hang in there, the end of October will feel lighter as we head into the holiday season.


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