Into The Heart Of The Sun

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Each new moon, the moon is literally reborn as it crosses the heart of the Sun and emerges as a baby moon, growing into fullness. The cycle repeats endlessly over time giving rise to the notion of New Moons as seeds that are planted that culminate at the Full Moon.

Just like the moon, each planet that orbits the Sun at some point in its synodic cycle crosses paths with the Sun and, like the Phoenix, is reborn from its ashes. This state is called the cazimi.

So, why I am I talking about this today?

Tomorrow, October 7th here on the east coast of the US, old aging Mars enters the heart of the Sun to be born as a baby, full, resplendent and the young warrior raring for action. The synodic cycle of Mars is approximately two years. The last time this happened, Mars was cazimi the Sun in the sign of Virgo which planted the seeds for the pandemic lasting over two years now, Virgo rules health amongst other things.

This time the cazimi happens in the sign of Libra, the temple of Venus, the sign of justice and equality. This cycle seeds events that will impact our lives for the next two years. The last time this happened in the sign of Libra was on October 23rd, 2006. Hark back to that period between 2006 and 2008 and it will give you an idea of the themes in your life that are likely to be active between now and mid 2023.

If you are familiar with your birth chart and use the tropical zodiac, look at which house Libra is in your chart and it will give you an idea of what themes are likely to be the focus of the next couple of years. If you don’t have a birth chart and need one, feel free to message me and I can generate one for you. Or, better still hop on over to and generate one for yourself selecting tropical zodiac and whole sign house systems.

As for me, this falls in my fourth house of home, family, lineage and roots. I am excited to see what unfolds with the curious eye of an observer.


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  1. This doesn’t make any sense to me. Could you possibly explain what those symbols mean, and what exactly we should be looking at. I have my birth chart from my parents, but it’s just a piece of paper. I could send you copies of the janam patris of the 5 of us. Could you translate into English? I do understand if there is a charge involved.

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