November Is Coming

Early this morning, I showered and got ready in record time for a couple of my friends to come pick me up. We were headed to a fundraising event by the newly launched Empower PAC to support our local candidates. One friend was delivering a speech, another was running for office. I was excited for these women. I wanted to be there cheering them on, rooting for them. I did that all. I had mimosas and munched on a muffin.

What I got today, above and beyond what I had hoped for was a tribe. I found women who were passionate about what they believed in, unapologetic in their avowal to causes that moved them deep inside and, a commitment to see their skills put to use furthering what progressive values stood for in our local elections.

After stirring speeches and lively conversation, we walked to the local court house steps where our little gang was also spearheading the local Women’s March 2021 standing in solidarity with girls and women in Texas who now had no medical recourse should they need an abortion post six weeks of pregnancy.

We reached as the crowds were beginning to form. I watched as men, women and children stood waving protest cards. Cars honked as they passed by. A bunch of white men stood across the intersection in what looked like a counter protest. Surprise! Surprise!! we quipped as we made our way to near where the speakers were standing.

What followed over the next hour and a half left me stirred and emotional. I laughed and cried. I held my breath and felt embraced by the humanity on display. Politicians, Rabbis, Ministers and, local citizens each came up and shared what moved them to be part of the pro choice movement. Some quoted their holy books, a few related personal anecdotes and, one young woman in particular took our breath away with a poem she had written. Our very own Amanda Gorman, I remember thinking.

I left the way I came, surrounded by friends, bonding over common causes and, feeling a renewed hope and a desire to do something about this local election in November and the bigger one next November.

A pack of postcard sits on my desk as I wrap this up. I will be spending my Sunday writing and mailing postcards.

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