Retrograde Season

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Retrograde season is on us. Five of the current planets in the sky are retrograde now. Mercury joins this list the end of September and walks back its path before moving forward again in November. We have enough Mercury retrograde memes that it makes me think that it is socially acceptable to talk about it.

What exactly does it mean though? Retrograde motion is when a planet appears to slow, retrace its path and slow again before moving forward to where it was headed. Mercury in specific does this thrice this year. Mercury is a planet associated with technology, communication, travel, money and, mercantile movements. Mercury is a trickster, fond of playing pranks. So, what can we expect?

When a planet slows down, pauses, changes direction and appears to go backward from our point of view on earth, it means many things based on where that planet is in your chart, what that house means and most importantly are the transiting planets speaking with the static print of the skies from the moment you were born.

More simply, it indicates a going back or reviewing things, events, decisions from a while ago. It is time to pause and take stock. This is a time for revision rather than forward motion. This may be a time when signing on the dotted line may mean having to go back and revisit the terms down the line. It might mean that any travel plans may be subject to delays, frustrations and, changes. It is also a great time to check, recheck and then check again before you send out important missives.

Mercury’s retrograde action is playing out in the sign of Libra this time up until early November. Libra for me is my fourth house of home and family. I will be sure to factor in frustrations, reversals and, delays in all things related to my roots, my lineage, my family, my physical home and the people in it.

There are other interesting transits happening over the next ten days. I am eager to see how it plays out in my life. That is the fun part of being a student, this joy of discovering as I observe without being vested in the outcome.


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