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Hello friends,

It’s been a while since I checked in here. It is not because I have run out of things to say. On the contrary, I have way too much on my mind and worry I might leave thoughts that are temporary to exist in perpetuity.

As someone who identifies as a blogger, this not being able to write what I want to feels stifling, but is also a reflection of the changing dynamic in my life. Children who are no longer children. Anecdotes that are no longer just mine to share.

The things that occupy my head these days are all related to COVID, masking, school, the debate on whether or not diversity, equity and, inclusion should be part of the school curriculum (duh?!). Work keeps me sane.

My weekends are filled with planets and stars. Astrology classes, chart interpretations, and endless lessons through podcasts fill up my head and time.

I am loving it all. I wish I could share more of the jumbled mess that is in my head. I am learning to step back and be a better parent.

I will be back when the words in my head have no place to go. But, until then, I hope all of you are well and are doing better than I am.



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  1. Hope you are well Laksh. It’s alright not to write for some time since we are all going through tough times and harrowing with the pandemic. Stay safe.

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