Moving, Morphing, Evolving

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I start my mornings with a steaming cup of coffee. It is my quiet time, a time to slowly wake up. In the past, I have browsed through the news as I sipped on my coffee. These days I look at the heavens on my phone. The moon moves the fastest, followed by the other celestial objects. Each day, I stare at the objects on the screen imagining them revolving, rotating, spinning on their axis. A moment captured in time becomes the natal chart. The planets though, remain in motion, moving inexorably away and around. The study of transits and how they impact areas of life depending on the position had me reflecting on my everyday life.

For the longest time, nostalgia held me hostage. I longed for the person I once was, for the things that once made me happy. It took an epiphany for me to realize, much like the macrocosm, the microcosm too moves, marches inexorably forward in time. We are aggregates of the people we were. Each day brings a new us, a new version, ever so slightly altered by the circumstances that life throws at us each day.

Joy alters us, as does the grief. Apathy changes us as does empathy. What we feel, what we express, the person we are is an ever-changing archetype of who we were meant to be. I think of all the people who have crossed my life, the ones still in it and the ones yet to come, and imagine us as celestial orbs setting off changes in each others’ orbits. The timelessness of our soul and its beauty is particularly resonant to me today.


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  1. This post is empowering and moon is the divine for me. I pay my respect during the full moon dazzling in touching the soul. Your words are like a prayer.

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