Featuring: Varsha Creative Studio

Today’s post is a departure from my usual posts. My niece Varsha, all of fifteen years is a budding entrepreneur and I have been watching her grow and come into her own. Obviously, as an aunt I am biased and I am proud of this child. I asked her if she would like to share a bit about her work and she reticently agreed. Without further ado, I present to you Varsha Creative Studio.

Tell me about yourself: 

Hi, I’m Varsha, known as varshacreativestudio on Instagram. I am a 15-year-old designer and entrepreneur.

Tell me about the first time you remember that you were proud of something you created:

The first time I can remember that I was proud of something I created was a few years ago when I started hand-making birthday cards for my friends and family. I would hand-letter each card and make every one of them unique. It brought me so much joy that doing something I loved was appreciated by the people close to me.

When did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

I decided to become an entrepreneur during quarantine in 2020. I had a lot of time on my hands which allowed me to experiment with my creative passions. The idea of starting something of my own came from my dad, who pushed me to go for it and pursue my passions into something bigger. I realized that I wouldn’t get this much time again in the future, so I jumped at the opportunity and launched my Redbubble store and Instagram account. 

Name top 5 places/designers you would like to someday work with?

AmandaRachLee– She was the first designer/bullet journaler that I started watching on Youtube. I loved and still love her bullet journal videos and she inspired me to start my own. 

DoodlyDays– She is a designer and small business owner that I follow on Instagram. I absolutely love her work and her account inspires me when I’m in a creative rut. 

Erin Condren– Erin Condren is a planner and stationery brand that I love. It would be a dream to collaborate with them on a product. 

Peloton– Peloton is a fitness brand that I use daily. I would love to do marketing or something creative for them as it would combine my interests in the creative field with my interests in fitness. 

Canva– This is a design software I use all the time to make all kinds of graphics. I would love to work on the creative team with them to develop new ideas. 

Who or what is your creative muse? What inspires you? How would you describe your style?

I get a lot of my inspiration from other Instagram accounts, podcasts, videos, Pinterest, or even simply by talking to people. All of these platforms have creators that share really unique ideas that in turn, spark new ideas in my head. 

I would describe my style as simple and meaningful. My designs are pleasing to the eye but not too overbearing. The words I use in my designs are equally as important as the design elements.  I try to make the quotes meaningful and inspirational in hopes that they will spread positivity to others. 

If you were not working with fonts, colors, and designs, what would you be doing?

If I were not in the creative field, I would probably try to pursue something related to psychology or health. I have interests in psychology, health & wellness, and fitness, and I love to help, motivate, and work with people. I would try to either start a business or pursue a career in that field. 

The color palette you work with is distinctive, tell me something about that:

I try to keep my color palette minimal and light. This allows my designs not to be too dark or overbearing. In all honesty, I mainly use colors that bring me joy and that I am attracted to. If I love the colors and designs I am creating, it makes me want to share it in hopes that others will enjoy it as well.

How do you keep your creativity going?

My creativity definitely goes in waves. One way I am able to keep a constant supply of ideas is that anytime I hear or see a quote or design element that I like, I immediately jot it down. You never know when you will come across something that sparks an idea in you, so it’s essential to write it down. Additionally, if I am in the flow of creativity, I try to make the most of it. Sometimes I plan to sit and create one post but I feel so creative that I end up creating four. Lastly, if I am in a creative rut, I just take a step back and give my mind a refresh. Usually, by doing that, my creativity comes back and I am able to create new things again. 

What do you want to convey to your target market with your work?

The main purpose of my work is to spread positivity and inspiration to others. I want to inspire people to chase after their dreams, and I want to put a smile on their faces when they see my work. I want to spread the passion and inspiration I have with others. 

Tell my readers where they can find your work and how they can purchase it.

You can find my work primarily on Instagram and my handle is @varsha.creativestudio. Currently, I sell my products off of Redbubble and my shop name is artsyv. My designs on Redbubble are available on a variety of products to choose from, from apparel, stickers, home decor, and much more. I will also be expanding and hopefully opening an Etsy shop in the near future so stay tuned on my Instagram for updates on that! 

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