Thanksgiving And An Ask

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Thanksgiving is around the corner. It is the time of the year when I take stock of the year gone past and process the big and small things that I am grateful for. 2020 has been a strange year. It started with a bang. I was counting on my debut children’s fiction book (Why is my hair curly?) being a moderate success. I was hoping that the documentary Our Daughters would premiere. I was looking forward to my older children entering middle school, a rite of passage that marks them as little women rather than girls.

My book did debut but the pandemic ensured the sales were sad despite some pretty good marketing by Westland. The documentary is still in production with COVID putting the brakes on a lot of moving gears that needed to move for this to be out. School has largely been virtual with its own set of frustrations.

Beyond all that, there are patches of light that I am grateful for. Amma surviving COVID and being able to travel and be here with me. My children while they struggle have a set of teachers who do their best to keep them going. There are fifty-one decent ratings for the book on Amazon that tells me that all is not for naught.

In the midst of all this, Susan Silverman of Second Nurture (a community-based foster to adopt organization) reached out asking if I was willing to be on their board. It has been an honor to be considered and eventually accepted as a board member.

In their words,

Second Nurture’s mission is to radically increase the number of families who choose to foster and adopt waiting children and teens, and do so successfully.

I was drawn to the notion that it takes a village to raise a child.

Any talk about adoption is often murky when it comes to private placements. I love that Second Nurture focuses on foster care. I love that they work in creating communities that can support each other. I love that they are exploring how to expand this idea to include different communities that could then do the same worldwide.

The core idea that drew me in is that it is a family for every child and not the other way around. I have had the pleasure of being a part of the inaugural Second Nurture retreat and know that the people behind the organization have their hearts in the right place. Their intention is good. I am proud to be associated with them.

As we round the bend to the holiday season and the season of giving, I have an ask. If you are looking to support a cause, please consider Second Nurture. If you do donate, please let me know so I can thank you personally.

Happy Thanksgiving!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving And An Ask

  1. Congratulations on the board seat, Lakshmi! And wishing you all the best with your book and the documentary. A tough year, but I’m believing it will turn around well for you!

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