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I was up at 4:45 am and showered and in front of my computer, a cup of kaapi in hand, at 5:30 am. Today was the first of my virtual school visits to promote my book. My screen was filled with eager, hopeful seventh graders sitting half way across the world in New Delhi, India.

One little lady did the honor of introducing me to her class. I was blown away by how articulate she was. She paused, modulated her voice and injected energy into what would have been an otherwise monotonous reading of my meagre list of accomplishments.

I started off reading a passage from the middle of my book. I read, remembering to look at the camera every now and then and stopped at a logical point. We were off and running as soon as I opened up the floor for questions.

“Mam, can I ask a question?”

“Mam, I would like to ask you something.”

“Mam, can I go first?”

The clamoring of voices settled into a modicum of order in a while and I took questions from pint sized people. They ranged from where the inspiration of the book came from, why curly hair, did I draw from my life, did my children make their way into the book, was I writing another book.

I smiled a lot as I answered. I tried to keep my answers relevant and tried to use names as I spoke to each child. One hour sped past before I realized it and yet another young girl delivered a thank you speech that was just as articulate and energetic as the welcome speech. I almost teared up as I waved bye and left the meeting.

I felt incredibly hopeful being in the presence of the future India. They are smart, bright, intelligent and absolutely vocal.

I can’t wait for the next set of school visits that start next week. I think of all the bookish things I have done over the past few weeks and, visiting with children is the absolute best.

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  1. Congratulations, Laksh. How does it feel like to be a celebrity? I am sure the kids were talking about you for the rest of their day – about how they interacted with an author. I know what my daughter’s and her friends’ reactions would have been, so I can say that with certainty.

    On your observation about the articulate miniatures in India, I am blown away by the smartness of these kids too. Indian children have become infinitely smarter than we ever were (and sometimes thing are now!). They give me great hope too.

  2. Wow so much fun. I have been reading the book to my daughter but by bit(we only get so much time). I really enjoy this our time with this gem of a book. Precious.

  3. I hear you Lakshmi – children are the best! I wonder why we grow out of childhood really 🙂

    So glad to see you have the opportunity to meet with students like this – your publisher really did a good job. Congratulations to you and your team here:)

  4. It’s amazing Laksh giving us an insight into children’s enthusiasm and we can see the future of India as bright with such optimism. The country needs such talent and ushering us in becoming a super power.

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