My Cup Floweth Over

I end the day, my heart full, my eyes teary, and overcome with emotion. All through the day, I watched as friends and family shared posts on their social media. They accompanied links to my books with lengthy write-ups, an ode to the time we have known each other. Each of these posts were heartfelt, emotional and a testament to the kindness that exists around me. I read, reread and read it one more time later in the day as I responded with a “Thank you…” that seemed woefully inadequate to express all that I felt.

I started the day with a Facebook Live session, my first. I read comments and responded. While it felt strange to be talking to a machine, my heart leapt with joy at seeing names familiar and dear to me gathered to celebrate my big day.

Our little family of five gathered around the kitchen island, cut a tiny tiramisu and sang happy birthday to my book.

In the afternoon, when I was momentarily away, the doorbell rang and my book club friends left a beautiful plant and balloons tied to our mailbox.

All day long, I sported a smile. I read messages from friends on WhatsApp, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Messenger and replied as soon as I could.

The reviews came trickling in. My manager at work, a friend’s child, a fellow author, my Twitter friends. With each review, a part of me relaxed a tiny bit. It made me believe in all the things I wanted my book to be when I wrote it but feared would be lost as a final product. I will be compiling the reviews and adding them to the testimonials page. Check them out and I promise you will be amazed at how much thought children put into writing reviews.

I will go to bed tonight knowing I am an incredibly lucky person just for the number of people who care and root for me. It is something I will cherish lifelong.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  1. Congratulations, Lakshmi. Happy book birthday. Great day for celebration. I forwarded the book information to my 2 DILS. Two of my grandchildren have curly hair like their fathers’ , but are always curious about mine too. I am Sindhi married to a Punjabi. One son is married to a Kannada, and the other is married to a Chinese. So curly hair is familiar to us.

    Best wishes for further success.


  2. Reading your thoughts and emotions on the book birthday is heart-warming, Laksh. As someone who has followed your writing journey, though from a distance, I think the beautiful way in which your first book was brought into the world is well-deserved. Your passion for writing and your tireless spirit is an inspiration. Keep at it!

  3. The gift with a picture of the cover is a very thoughtful gesture. Congratulations again and wishing you many many more books birthdays.

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