COVID-19 Diaries: It Takes A Village

Photo by Bruno Cervera on

I woke up at 2:45 am to news that Amma will be discharged Friday. By the time I brushed and checked messages again, I learned she would be going home today. The following hour was manic. Phone lines buzzed between continents. Friends and family worked in tandem to make sure she could go home without any issues.

I walked around the development, the mellifluous voice of Subbulakshmi in my ears. For thirty minutes I focused on my breath. I focused on the words in my ears. I breathed. I stilled. I let go of my worries. For the first time in weeks, my ears relaxed, my jaws felt slack, my shoulder seemed to let go of some burden it was carrying.

As the next few days roll along, I know I will be hyper vigilant. I will be checking in on Amma more than I usually do.

All along, when the pandemic hit, my measure of how widespread it is was simple. Was someone I knew personally impacted? Now, the answer is yes. This was a direct hit. Anyone who knows me or Amma now know this is one step closer home.

Be vigilant. Stay home. Wear that mask if you have to step out. Stay alive.