COVID-19 Diaries: Glimmers of Hope

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I am on a work call. I am distracted by incoming messages. At some point, I request the rest of the day off and focus on the messages on my phone instead. There are different sets. One with Amma. One with my siblings. One for my medically competent friends.

I share details and worries. I research and learn things I did not know before. The stress gets to me mid-day when Amma’s sugars spike. For about an hour, I am in limbo land not knowing if she is asleep or if she is unable to get to her phone. When she finally picks up, I weep with relief and joy. I promptly sleep for three hours.

As day breaks in India, the news from Amma is reassuring. She is on the mend, my heart says. She sounds clearer, looks sharp and is definitely not coughing or struggling to breath. Her sugars are still elevated but I feel hopeful they will be managed soon.

I think I will sleep well tonight.