COVID-19 Diaries: Anniversary

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Nineteen years is a long time.

It is even when you factor in the first few years when you are getting to know the person, the next few years when you are struggling to build a family, the years after that are consumed by nurturing this hard-built family.

We have both grown. We have both evolved. We are not the people we were when we first met. He has demolished my notions of what a feminist looks like. He defines what it is to respect a partner in a relationship. He makes space for all of me in the life we have built together. He resolutely refuses to cave in to my notions of what celebrations should look like. We agree mostly. We are at loggerheads over things we have agreed to disagree.

We have our roles in this house etched in stone. I do the cooking. He does the cleaning. He does the shopping. I take care of answering the phone. I am the face of our family to the outside world. He is the one that makes it a family.

Living life with someone who has a strong moral compass, unbending personal integrity and rigid ideas on just about everything has been an often infuriating and enlightening experience. He makes me better by being unwavering in his principles. He teaches me to live in the moment by modeling that behavior. He shows me what it is like to let go by not holding on to anything tightly.

It has been quite the journey. A journey that has been rich in experience, beautiful in how we have built it together and promising in what it could look like in the years ahead. It has been hard. It has been joyous. It promises to be fulfilling.

Happy anniversary Saathi