Book Update: Why is my hair curly?

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So, I have news.

“Why is my hair curly?” will be available on Amazon in a few weeks in Kindle format. The physical book will take a couple of months to be available given the lockdown in India.

While I wait for the book to be available and permission to share the cover for the book, I have been spending time doing a lot of work behind the scenes. Vidhi, my publisher and book champion has been sending me last-minute edits and poring over the manuscript with magnifying glasses. My beta readers have been reading through my edits and giving me insightful feedback.

Publishing a book is a team venture. I provide the words; the illustrator takes that and comes up with images that capture the nuance and spirit of the people I birthed in my head. The editor reads through and points out glaring issues with the book, the proofreader sends copious notes on grammar and typos. The manuscript goes back and forth a zillion times marked up and commented on.

There are times when I feel I cannot read it anymore. The story that once lived in my head feels like an alien being with a life of its own. I worry about all the things that can go wrong. Mostly I worry about the reviews and all the flaws in my writing out there for everyone to see.

There is one thing that keeps me up. The story I was approached to write features a young child. She is an adoptee. This is her story. I am very aware that as an adoptive parent writing this story, I am co-opting the voice of the adoptee. I have been wrangling with my feelings about it. This is the story I am called to tell. This is what literally came into my head. It does not make it right. I am aware of it and I am not sure how I feel about it.

There is a paucity of voices talking about adoption in children’s literature (in India) in the ways it needs to be talked about. This is a gap I have seen and this is a gap I feel strongly about. The book is also about acceptance, about navigating big feelings. These are universal themes.

I am at the point where I am actively thinking about how to bring this baby into the world. I am thinking and mulling over marketing and ways of getting the book into the hands of those who will enjoy it. I need your help.

I am looking for book bloggers and reviewers of children’s literature. If you have ideas about how to market a book, I am open to hearing about it. Most of all if you are someone I know personally; I am hoping you will cheer me on as I embark on this journey. I have a separate list coming your way detailing how you can help me.

Just a few more weeks to go people. Wish me luck

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