COVID-19 Diaries: A New Normal

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I wake up sans alarm. My varied routine now has me logging into work with coffee, catching up on emails, working out and then scrambling to put breakfast before the slew of work calls start at 8:30 am.

Saathi works at a steady pace until the children are up and then take over trying to get them to do some Math until I can offer relief. We tag team and keep the pressure up. Some days are better than the rest. Some days we all sigh with relief when it is time for bed.

All the alarms on my phone are disabled. The lunch boxes and bags have retired to their dark corners in the pantry. Every meal is fresh. We eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. Some meals are animated, others not as much. We rarely talk about work. There is no gossip to trade. This hyper-focus on the nuclear family is unnerving at times.

Yet, in the midst of arguably a once in a lifetime event, our lives are settling into a new normal. One that involves a whole lot of juggling of time and responsibilities. One that sees us take on the mantle of educator in addition to the parent. There is a whole lot of appreciation for what the school and teachers do as we struggle to get through each day.

Phone conversations with the family eventually meander to a comparison of how our respective administrations are handling this apocalyptic event. Sometimes we talk about faith and the mystic science of astrology. The thread that binds us is the search for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay safe. Stay indoors. Stay clean.

These messages are being hammered into our collective psyche each day. I suspect the generation of children growing up under the shadow of this pandemic will become germaphobes.

Even as our state extends school closures for the next two weeks, the consensus is that it will be longer than that. Mentally and physically we are ready for the long haul. Today, for the first time, I actually gave thought to what we would do if one of us or both of us fell sick. Where in our home would we quarantine ourselves.? What would our children do for food? How will we get past worst-case scenarios?

The answers are not clear yet. They will percolate in my head and distill into some form of preparedness hopefully soon.

How are you all doing? What are you doing to stay safe? How prepared are you for the eventuality of being infected? Tell me I am not alone imagining these things.



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