A Happy New Year Indeed!

photo of fireworks near sea
Photo by ViTalko on Pexels.com

Happy New Year all!

I woke up New Year’s eve to the news that my yet to be published children’s book was on a list of 50 anticipated books in India. Needless to say, I was excited and more than a little scared.

41. Why is my hair curly? by Lakshmi Iyer (Red Panda; Westland Publications)

Meet 10-year-old Avantika, adopted at the age of six months. In a family where everybody has sleek, straight hair, she has a head full of unruly curls. Interspersed with illustrations, the protagonist’s preoccupation with her hair becomes a starting point for conversations about genetics and the fabric of a family.

As the day wore on, I realized getting on that list was more about connections and marketing than the book in itself. Then, I relaxed. The evening was filled with a whole lot of friends and a table that groaned with food. We rang in the new decade counting down and wishing each other well.

As I woke this morning, I realize there was no better way to ring in what promises to be a good decade. Family, friends, food, pretty much all that I need to be happy.

I hope your day began just as well as mine.

Happy New Year 2020!