An Average Day

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“Take a picture” I beg Saathi as I scramble to get out of the house. He looks at the lamp above and declares it will not be a good picture. He takes one anyway and it is bad. I grab my phone, collect my folder, new bag, water bottle and get into the car. I key in the address and look expectantly at the screen for carplay to connect. It doesn’t.

I turn the curve in the rain to find a car speeding in the opposite direction. I swerve just in time. I pull over, collect myself, unplug and plug the phone back in, mutter a prayer and leave. Google Maps tells me I should be at the office at two minutes past 9:00 am.

I hope to make up the time en route but end up being ten minutes late instead. I resign myself to fate and walk into the building on the first day of work, hair frazzled, glasses mottled with rain and late.

The day is predictable. I configure my laptop, walk back and forth to get water, use the restroom, get coffee, eat lunch and ask a hundred questions to my new manager. The drive back home is smoother but just as long, forty minutes without the rain. I talk to Amma as I drive, my voice a ghost in her ears courtesy the car speakerphone.

Past dinnertime, after the kids are in bed, I take a moment to slump in my cozy office chair and realize I did not miss home or the kids. I did not miss my nap. I did miss the otherwise active lifestyle that my time at home provided. I would walk up and down the stairs, around the home. It was sitting in one place that was strange and uncomfortable. I tell myself as my days get busier, I will not notice that much. I also tell myself, I should heed my body and walk around if that is what I am used to.

It is a new beginning, the second inning of sorts. This time around, I am aware of all the things that overwhelmed me the first time around. This time, the children are older, I have help from Amma. Now, all that needs doing is fanning the flames of ambition that is now just an ember in the dark.

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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