Year In Review: 2018

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Each year draws to a close, I skim through all that I have written over the year and relive pockets of time from each month.

January started with news of my father-in-law breaking his hip. Saathi traveled to help him while I held the fort, taking solace in routine and school.

February brought with it a promise of reconnecting with the twins birthfather. The anxiety and fear fell behind once we connected and the progress is slow and organic.

March saw us lose my father in law. We flew to India to be with family and perform the last rites. The twins had a subdued birthday.

April was an eyeopener in terms of understanding and accepting that my children had special needs. It is something I had known all along but it hit me all at once that the impacts are far-reaching and lifelong.

May was defined by the exhaustion of end of the school year and I prepared to leave for a two-week residency program at Yale.

June was all about writing and making new connections at Yale. This month also saw Saathi and I married seventeen years.

July started with an interview being featured on Indian Express. I also got to meet very interesting people at a Salon for the Arts.

August started with promise. We went on a road trip to Canada. Mommy B visited us mid-month and the filming for the documentary hit a fevered pitch. The children started school at the end of the month.

September started with a death at the children’s school. They lost their favorite art teacher and the grief hit them all through the month.

October was a month for reflection on our adoption journey. We did not celebrate Navarathri this year but did visit others who did. It paved the way for a lot of reflection on what constitutes heritage and culture. Is it ingrained, are you born with it or do you acquire it?

November saw us contend with a surprise snow storm. The end of the month also saw me pull Laddu off formal schooling.

December has been mostly about homeschooling Laddu, library visits and planning for a family reunion at the end of the month.

The highlight of the year was my time at Yale for me and the influence it has had on my writing. I am looking forward to 2019 and hoping it will be the year I pursue my writing dream with constancy and rigor.

How has your year been? Do you have any rituals surrounding the end of the year?


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