Walking In Place

photo of woman wearing pink sports shoes walking
Photo by Daniel Reche on Pexels.com

The breeze caresses my face, I can feel the sand in between my toes. I am running slowly, the thin material of my shirt sticking to my back in a way that is not entirely unpleasant. My eyes are closed. Arijit’s voice is crooning in my ear.

The digital beep of my elliptical brings me back to reality rather forcefully. I shake my head and let out a rather abrupt bark rather than a laugh. Laddu, watching TV is startled. I signal for her to continue watching as I process the momentary flight of fancy that had me on a beach somewhere, alone, free, unencumbered.

It occurs to me most of life is running in place while pretending you are running a marathon. It is closing your eyes, visualizing that end goal and assuming all that work you are putting in is carrying you towards whatever it is you are working on. The truth, however, is that not much distance has been gained. There are gains no doubt, all that walking in place is doing things to you. Unseen, intangible things that give you benefits, just not the kind you are working toward.

It also occurs to me that my writing journey is pretty much the same. All this writing on the blog and twitter is walking in place while imagining my name somewhere in a brick and mortar store. Sure, it flexes my writing muscles but it is going nowhere.

Epiphanies, however, are dime a dozen. I should either dust up my walking shoes and get out of the house or swap the images of a beach in my head for better blood work numbers and perhaps a pant that is not as snug around my waist.

Happy Friday folks!

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