Book Review: Little Ustaads Arts Books

A few months ago, Smita Jain of Little Ustaads Arts contacted me asking if I would be interested in reviewing a couple of their books. I checked their website and was intrigued. They sent two books over.


I was struck by the rich colors of the cover as soon as I opened the packet. Before I could flip open the book, Ammu and Pattu made away with it. About an hour later I found it in their reading nook open to beautifully illustrated pages.

I put them away meaning to take the time to read and review and couldn’t find it the next day. I stumbled on it today as I cleaned our home in advance of our Thanksgiving get-together.

I took my time flipping through the pages and reading the simple text that accompanied each illustration. These are definitely books worth collecting as a parent of Indian origin raising my children away from the subcontinent. The books are for three years and up. They make for a great bedtime reading experience with little kids and a journey into familiar places for older kids.

All of my children awarded a full five stars to this series of books.

I heartily recommend these books if you are looking to add to your collection of books about India for children.

Well done Rachana Chanderia-Mamania and Kavita Bafana!

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