Stay Angry. Stay Mad. VOTE

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If like me, you watched horrified yesterday as a man nominated to the highest court in the country ranted and raved. If like me, you wondered why was his nomination was not delayed to give time to probe the accusations, this is what I want to say to you:

Register to vote if you have not already. 

Check your registration to confirm if you think you have registered. 

Learn about the seats you have a say in deciding and understand what is at stake. 

Check the voter id requirements, registration deadlines and primary dates for this midterm. 

Add it to your calendar. 

Show up at your local polling place on November 6th, 2018 to vote during the midterm elections.

Do this each time there is an election. Do it at the local, state and federal level.

That is ALL you CAN do.

4 thoughts on “Stay Angry. Stay Mad. VOTE

  1. You know I am not a cynic Laksh but after following the hearing yesterday and seeing the reaction of elected officials today, I am losing faith in the system. Dr. Ford went above and beyond to deliver on her civic duty. You and I will. The million dollar question is – why aren’t our elected officials?

    1. True but what hope do we have of change if we do not show up and vote the people we need in? If people had not stayed in saying Hillary and Trump are the same, it would have been a different world. Inaction is the bane of our society.

    2. I am not disagreeing on the voting and staying engaged part, just utterly disappointed that the system is not powerful enough to steer this in a different direction even when the writing is on the wall. Perhaps, change takes a long long time, and monumental efforts. Perhaps, we all should do our parts knowing that if things do not change now, it will at some point and in another lifetime but we need to keep fighting harder to accelerate the change.

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