Essay: Motherhood, Cleaved

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An essay I wrote earlier this year reflecting on how my mothering my children feels cleaved is now online on the Adoptive Families Magazine website. If you are not a subscriber, you can read the piece here: Adoptive Motherhood_Cleaved.

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  1. What a wonderfully heartfelt post. As a mom to twins I continuously struggle with the idea of being fair to both of them – not just being fair which I am by default, but also reassuring them that I do not prefer one over the other. I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like for you, what emotions you would be feeling and how that statement would have hurt – the one about ‘You don’t know my heart’. I loved how you went back to her and listened to her heart. That’s a lesson I’ll keep for myself.

  2. Thank you for your heartfelt words. I have never been able to say them, but I feel them. I have two boys born to me, and then we adopted our precious girl. They are now in their 30s and 40s, but I still hear the words they used to say.

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