I Am Strength Anthology


A week after I got back from the Yale Writers’ Workshop, I meticulously went through notes I had made and feedback from my peers. I decided to focus on a piece I had written on motherhood called Motherhood, Cleaved. This essay was born out of the realization that the kind of love I feel toward each of my children differs. In a way, it taught me how my children’s other mother loves them. It is the kind of raw, emotionally honest piece that takes a lot out of you when you are done writing it.

Then I submitted it to various magazines. The first rejection stung. What hurt, even more, was seeing the status on Submittable stuck on received. Each day, I polled people in writing groups, talked to friends and found new places to submit to. One of those groups put me in touch with the Chief Editor of Blind Faith Press, an indie press focused on feminism and women power. I read about the ideology behind this anthology and it resonated. I was asked to pitch my piece. Soon, the request to read the essay followed. Shortly after, my essay was accepted into an anthology titled I Am Strength.

It will be available end August. I am thrilled with the notion that somewhere in a printed book, there will be a page with my name on it. This is a long-held dream and it is a happy moment to realize that in some small ways, dreams do come true.

I will share the link to pre-order the book when it is available.

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  1. Another feather in my cap. I mean your cap!
    Something else to brag about for me.
    Keep them coming.

    And yes, hearty congratulations.

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