Interview: Indian Express


A couple of weeks back, Anuradha Verma of The Indian Express reached out asking if I could answer a few questions for an interview to be published in the Parenting section of the newspaper. I agreed and it was published today. The link to the interview is here.

5 thoughts on “Interview: Indian Express

  1. I loved your replies! You have in my opinion taken the right path when you chose open adoption. I’m Sure that in many ways you’ve been a trail blazer.

    What’s come as a revelation to me is when you say you can anticipate your biological child’s needs/behaviour better!

    Way to go, Laks!!

  2. What a fantastic interview, Laksh. Tell me more about that nanny comment/post and while I’m asking that I am only curious. I would understand if you don’t want to share.
    Also the point about understanding your child birth is so unique. Thanks for sharing!

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