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As much as I sound like a broken record, today has been an intense and long day. We did workshop the last set of essays in the morning and had a fascinating discussion on the publishing world after. There were two craft talks. One by Allegra Goodman (who is super good at what she does) and the second by Jess Regel of Foundry Media. Both sessions were energetic and very casual with a brisk Q&A after.

Being the penultimate day of session two our group went to dinner and then some of them went to a reception while I am back in my room trying to revise and resubmit the essay I had workshopped earlier. I still have a couple of revision related excerpts to read and I am done.

I pre-packed in some sense, cleaned up my room and feel good exhaustion wash over me. I can’t imagine how I will feel back home in the aftermath of so much socializing and reading and writing. I will miss this place for sure.

Between the two sessions, I have met people I know I will be in touch with a long time after. I have met people who have shown me worlds I did not know existed. I have seen incredible bravery in pieces that were shared. I have seen resilience that makes all the sadness in my life insignificant. Most of all I have seen humanity in a microcosm just as representative of the larger world we inhabit.

In the coming days as I reflect on the learnings, I know it will not be just about the craft of writing.

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