YWW: Session II – Day 2

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Today has been the longest of the past ten days. I am back in my room exhausted from all the writing, reading, engaging, critiquing and socializing. My group gave feedback on a piece on motherhood I had written. The stack of papers on my desk is overwhelming. I feel like even if I took a few of the recommendations, I could massage it into something I would feel proud of submitting to magazines.

I managed to work through three essays, write up feedback for tomorrow’s session. I have more readings to finish but not much energy to go on. I cannot wait for Tuesday to come so I can be on that train back home and eat home food.

I stood outside our room after reading a piece I wrote on the blog for my fifteenth anniversary. I met another adoptive mom and there was this instant connection, a bond that comes from shared life experience that is hard to explain. We walked back to the dorm trading notes and I realized the same held true for all the people I have met over the past ten days.

We share a sensibility that is resonant. All of these people whose lives have touched mine mean something to me. As I see them grow as writers and published authors, I will be cheering them on. I will read their books and smile when I see familiar passages. Perhaps, if I am lucky enough, I can call them my famous friend(s).

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  1. They will look out for you and call you as their famous friend 😊. To me you will always be good old Laksh πŸ˜‰ Somethings won’t change

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