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After what I call a break that was not really a break, I started the day by reading four essays, critiquing two and managing to be at lunch to meet with my new group. I turned to the woman on my left and introduced myself only to find she was Hallie Ephron, a mystery writer whose work I absolutely love. I had quite the fangirling moment.

The workshop was energetic, intense and absolutely why I signed up for this. The instructor Mary Collins was incisive, kind and super duper invested in each of the works we analyzed today. After a quick overview of what creative nonfiction was, she dove into what works and what sells in work that is commercial. She had handy tips, anecdotes that illustrated the points she wanted to make and most of all, a great attitude.

Dinner was interesting as the group loosened a little and I got to know a little more about the people I will be spending the next two and half days with. Another highlight of the day for me was meeting the editor of the Brain, Child Magazine. That magazine is the one that I have always wanted to see my work in and I am eager to see the feedback on the piece I will be workshopping.

All in all, a great beginning to session II. This is also officially the point where I am missing home and can’t wait for the session to be over so I can go back to my kutties.

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