YWW: Day Three

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Today was a light day with just the workshop in the morning and then a longish break until faculty readings in the evening. I got to meet with my mentor one on one and we went over my submission. I am still undecided as to how it went but there were so many other things that happened today that were revelations of sorts.

The person I am today bears no resemblance to the person I was even two or three years ago. I sit at the table with my group for meals but I do not linger around to see if I can walk with someone else to class. I walk around, explore, retire to my room and take naps at the oddest of times. I like being around people but I do not seem to depend on anyone. The younger me would have longed for deep, meaningful connections, longish walks, heart to hearts or even a shared camaraderie after class or later in the evenings.

I astound myself with this deep sense of being centered in myself, being available yet reluctant to feel dependent. I feel comfortable sitting with a different set of people each meal. I feel happy knowing about and talking to people from different walks of life, from varying age ranges.

This evening, I spent talking, walking and laughing with two women who are so different from me. We laughed loudly, made a nuisance of ourselves, took goofy pictures, smiled too widely and felt rowdy.

I feel something loosened in me, I feel light, unburdened and joyous. Today may have not been too writerly but it certainly was happy.

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